Sunday 20 January 2019

Milo's performance,Grandma and Grandad, Christmas , The Taj Mahal and Jaipur

Milo's Performance.

Milo loves dancing and was chosen to be in the school performance. He was in the production of the Wizard of Oz and did a dance involving girls and boys.
The whole performance was in the amphitheatre outside on a lovely evening. The had arranged for a small film company to film it, there were professional photographers and musicians. It was a rather swish event and very very good.
All the children had a part if they wanted but I must say Milo was so good and we were so proud. He enjoyed it very much except for having make up put on him. Apparently, he and his mates went in the toilets to kiss the wall to get rid of their lipstick ! Yuk!

Milo also had been on a school trip for a few days to build his leadership skills. He spent his time crawling through mud, water and playing team games. He stopped over night in a hut and had a fantastic time. He came home with soaking wet clothes stuffed in his case ( he was quite intelligent though and put them into a carrier bag, so another proud moment !)

Grandma and Grandad

Andrew's parents arrived and were really pleased to be in the warm weather. They managed to bring sausages from the butchers in Spilsby. The sausages were packed in a box and surrounded by ice blocks and put in their suitcase. We were really surprised that the sausages were still cold when they arrived. Max and Milo were so pleased and couldn't wait to eat them. 

We went to the land where the factory is being built.
We went to the new posh cinema nearby.

We tried the new pizza restaurant 

Andrew took his mum out on the motorbike, I think he went a bit too fast.


Christmas was spent in Palm Meadows in the morning, opening presents and then we went to a hotel for Christmas dinner which included the most enormous buffet ( roast turkey etc was available ). There was a good band playing and everyone was dancing in the sunshine. Santa made a visit and Milo was happy because there was a bouncy castle.

The Taj Mahal and Jaipur.

We took the two and a half hour flight to Delhi and spent the night there in a hotel that suited Milo's5 star requirements!. Delhi was really green and the roads were much cleaner. It needs more investigation we think.

We got up early (5) to catch the fast train to Agra. It was the first time that we had been cold since being in India (5 degrees!) and we were pleased that we had taken our coats.
 It was rather chaotic at the station and we managed to some porters to carry all the bags to the correct platform. The train was clean and comfortable, there was even a choice of food. It took 90 minutes instead of 5 hours in a car so we were pleased with the train choice.

The transfer was swift from the train station to the hotel. We had booked a company that provided a small bus for us and an excellent guide ( any one out there who wants to go to The Taj , just ask us for his number, it was so good)
After quick rest we set off in the bus for the Baby Taj Mahal, which not many people are aware of. It was amazing , the detail of the hand carvings was out of this word and so detailed, even the boys were impressed.
Then we went to the river opposite the real Taj Mahal and sat on a wall and calmly watched the sun set over the Taj Mahal. It was magical.

The next day we arrived the big Taj Mahal about 9 which is early. It was too foggy to go at dawn. But by 9 it was clearing. It was still cool but the temperature gradually climbed and we had to shed our layers.
The Taj Mahal was even more impressive  close up and although we were aware of its significance, to actually see it is something everyone should do if they visit India. Our guide Ramesh was so good at spotting opportunities for photos that he took most of them on our phones.

We then visited the Red fort in Agra in the afternoon which was spectacular. 

 New's Year Eve was a bit of a disappointment as they were not allowed fireworks due to the local pollution and we were puffed out from all the walking !


The next day we set off in car organised by Ramesh's company and had a 5 hour journey to Jaipur. luckily the road was smooth and straight, there were toilet stops on the way and a good restaurant. 
We had rooms over looking a lake with a palace in the middle so it was very pretty. 
After a good night's sleep ,we set off for the fort in Jaipur. It was fascinating to see all the elephants(130) who ferry people up the path to the fort. We didn't do this but went in the car instead. The fort was interesting but by now Milo was overcome with information and was complaining of a headache. 

We got in the car to go back to the hotel but on the way back decided to stop for a photograph. In the car park there were two snake charmers. Milo and I stayed in the car as we don't like snakes and the others go out. Fascinated by the cobra dancing out of its basket, Christine got too close and the charmers invited her to sit down with them. One of them, then got the cobra and put it round her neck. She did look rather surprised. Meanwhile Milo and I were squirming in the car and locked the doors! The snake removed , Christine bought a charming flute and was rather pleased with her achievement . 

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