Saturday 24 February 2018

Monkey visit, , Captain Underpants,coconut catchers, squirrels

Monkey Visit

Max and Milo had already gone to school the other morning , when Mala silently beckoned us as soon as she came in the house . "Monkey", she said in a hushed tone.
Outside the kitchen window, was a huge monkey, calmly walking along the wall. We watched him walk past two windows then we all ran outside to see where he would go , which was over the neighbour's wall.
Then Mala ran back in to close the patio doors in case there were any more that we hadn't spotted. It was really exciting and it was a shame that the boys weren't there. Apparently, the outer edge of Palm Meadows do have monkeys but it is very unusual for them to appear here.

Captain Underpants

It was wear an outfit for book day at school and in typical Cole style we forgot all about it. Milo was very quick thinking and put his spare underpants on his head (which then transferred to be over his shorts) and he said that he was Captain Underpants so we were impressed with his quick thinking (makes a change !)
When they got to school, there were patterns all over the dining room floor. Max was intelligent enough( makes a change!) to take a photo. When we asked why the patterns were on the floor , he declared that he had no idea. At least he managed to take a photo!

Coconut catchers

The other day, when we were lounging by the swimming pool, we noticed the coconut catchers . Lone coconuts can be spotted on the road when they fall from the trees. Some trees have nets around their trunks to catch the coconuts and they are quite a few in Palm Meadows.


The days are getting hotter and the other day Max was being a teenager and moping in his bedroom when I went in to leave his laundry ( that Mala had ironed but at least I took it !). The room was hot so I went to open the doors . Max was immediately distracted from the computer . Apparently there had been three stripy squirrels on his balcony and they had attempted to break in. We then heard lots of rustling in the trees behind the house and there they were, leaping between the branches. Max did open his doors when they had scampered off.

Friday 23 February 2018

Max, temperature rise , Milo’s sports day

Max has got his full final uniform . It is very smart and he even has a blazer for posh occasions . The only problem for him are the shoes and socks. The shoes are quite heavy and the socks thick . The temperature is gradually creeping up so I think we will have more moaning to come ! That or we buy thinner green socks to wear with the chinos.

The temperature has gone from 27 degrees to 31/ 32 recently on the weather chart and there is a definite warmer feel, especially in the afternoon. I put the thermometer out the other day ( in the sun) and it had gone over 50 degrees . It has not recovered from that blast of heat and the mercury is stuck so I now gave no idea what the temperature is, although  Arjun says it is about 35.

Milo had sports day . There were displays from all the age groups and Milo’s was a rhythmic hoop dance . He stuck out a mile as he is so pale and white . Milo was in the sack race and he thoroughly enjoyed himself, as did we. We watched from the sidelines under a jazzy cover. It was quite an edgy event as we jumped several times as the starting pistol went off as we couldn't see when they were to begin. Unfortunately, the sports had to be cut short because they had to close the school due to another march on the water dispute with the neighbouring state. Apparently, last year there were a few burnt out cars and violence so the school was taking no chances .
We decided to take Milo with us and we had to have a signed slip of paper from his teacher to get him out and the guard checked thoroughly.

Monday 12 February 2018

Milo's parent /teacher meeting, food, rain and pizza.

Milo took us to school on Saturday to meet his two class teachers and his Spanish teachers.  All of them were happy with Milo and how he has settled in at school. They smiled at him and he smiled back. They understand exactly what he needs in the classroom and their observations were spot on. We have no complaints . He did though because he had to go to school on a Saturday in his uniform!

Sunday morning was spent by the pool . The water seems warmer now but it is still refreshing .
We then went home for lunch.
Eating lunch has become an exciting activity. Mala has cooked us a few Indian dishes , now that she has the correct equipment ( see below). She cooked a sweet dish similar to rice pudding but with a longer rice  raisins and cashew nuts. Andrew is already addicted to this.
 The bottom photo shows chicken masala, aubergine sambor ( I think) ,coconut chutney and parota (the flat bread)  It is very moorish . The boys still are not keen on Indian cuisine but at least they are looking in the direction of the food and not totally blanking it or running away.

Talking of running away, Milo had a bit of a wobble when we told him off for not doing his homework . He packed his bag ready to escape , apparently he was intending on going to Mat's house round the corner. In his bag he had his picture of his grandad and his spy glasses ( probably to spot us coming down the road) But luckily his big brother realised what he was doing and blabbed. He still had to do his homework!  Th picture below shows him in a happier mood afterwards.

Last week also saw the first rain since we arrived since the beginning of December. It was quite heavy , it thundered and the power kept going on and off like a flashing disco light. Andrew was trying to have an important meeting in the back room on the internet . The boys were trying to keep quiet and I was trying to heat up Mala's food. I ended up doing it by torchlight and I think Simon and Greg got quite a shock too ,as the light from the screen  and the dark background made Andrew look quite scary.

Power was restored after a while but we kept our emergency torches close by. I am now trying to locate a small generator machine that a lot of people have here.


I was lucky enough to get a new style of pizza oven for my birthday which works either by wood firing or by gas. We decided to give it another try so that we can entertain our kind friends and neighbours one night. It works really quickly and the pizzas are good. At least I can impress Mala with something that I can cook!
I made a cake  this morning, she tasted it then said "when does Sir's mum come ?"
I've never been good at cakes and Andrew had told me I was being too ambitious when I bought the ingredients the other day. Shame we haven't got any custard to soften it with !

Monday 5 February 2018

Shopping again!

Monday morning , Mala and I were looking in the fridge to see what needs ordering for meals etc. Lots of withered leaves of various plants were in there and wizened lemons and oranges. I proudly showed her my new online shopping list ready to be activated . Arjun appeared and after a brief discussion they decided that we were actually going to the shops so they could do a "proper " shop. Milo was  home due to looking very pale and off colour but said he'd be fine. So off we went to the local supermarket. It started well with them paying attention to my shopping but soon I was pushing the trolley and both Arjun and Mala were squeezing various fruits and vegetables and demanding things from the shop assistants. They went off in different directions ,as did Milo, and it was a bit like herding sheep trying to get them back together. Arjun checked every price to make sure it was not too expensive and Mala was opening random packets and sampling the food to make sure it was good quality!
The trolley was completely full and I am still not sure what exactly we bought but Mala now feels she can cook properly.
Or so I thought until Arjun brought Andrew home this evening. "Why does Arjun need money for cooking things ?" He asked puzzled.
Now I know we needed a "mixy" but didn't know what it was and also a pan for dosa but Arjun went off and returned an hour later with 2 pressure cooker saucepans , an idly maker ( don't know ?!) a mixy ( a supersonic blender with different levels ) a flat saucepan and a long handled lighter to stop us blowing ourselves up when we light the stove .
It's all very exciting as we are going to try as many Indian dishes as we can but obviously need the correct pans etc to do this . Mala has made some wonderful dishes and is going to make some more . Now she's got all the equipment she needs and I won't touch any of it as I haven't got a clue !

Saturday 3 February 2018

Saturday night / Sunday morning for the Coles

We had a wonderful evening out with other families at Biere Street (it does do what is says on the can!)

Our four in a rickshaw journey there was fun and then we played sardines on the way back with our Uber cab... 4 adults and 3 children in a ‘Micra’ type car was fun 🚗 😂...

Sunday morning has been like a Triatholon so far... 
Ride bike 0.5km to the club, played tennis with the boys for 25 mins and then headed to the 
pool (sun lounger) I feel like I’m part of my cousin Mel’s club now. So next plan is cake and coffee! You have to keep your carbs up I’ve heard!! 

Friday 2 February 2018

A few more photos (finally uploaded to the blog)

                      A selection from the last couple of weeks 

Delivering visiting pals back to their houses 

Carla is happy with the new family addition!
(It's a dishwasher) 

Our local transport preferences

Uniformed up for the first time!

How does the traffic system work?
(infusion system!)

The Big Basket shopping delivery moped

Max enjoying the very fresh feeling water at the club pool

Milo rock walling 

Max at the clip and climb 

Milo trying some of Mala's Indian food (Good boy for trying!)
Moving in Day

Oh we did pack Milo!

Packaging off to be recycled

Update ! April 2024

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