Friday 2 February 2018

A few more photos (finally uploaded to the blog)

                      A selection from the last couple of weeks 

Delivering visiting pals back to their houses 

Carla is happy with the new family addition!
(It's a dishwasher) 

Our local transport preferences

Uniformed up for the first time!

How does the traffic system work?
(infusion system!)

The Big Basket shopping delivery moped

Max enjoying the very fresh feeling water at the club pool

Milo rock walling 

Max at the clip and climb 

Milo trying some of Mala's Indian food (Good boy for trying!)
Moving in Day

Oh we did pack Milo!

Packaging off to be recycled

Update ! April 2024

  20 people sharing 2 menus! When we go to a restaurant, we seem to spend a lot of time trying to keep a straight face so that we do not ups...