Monday 16 July 2018

Israel, The Shower, Science museum, Football, Birthday (again!), Rain


Andrew had a two day work trip to Israel and he was rather impressed with what he saw. It was organised, clean and calm not the impression that you tend to get from news reports. After their business meetings there was a short time to visit the old historic city. In Jerusalem, he saw the Western 'Wailing' Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and many other things that he has not had time to read up on yet.

 The narrow ancient alleyways inside the old city 

Inside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre where Jesus was said to be crucified and laid.

The 7.5 hours flight flight back to India flew over the Red Sea with some azure blue seas...

The Shower

The houses in Palm Meadows are about 25 years old and the shower system consists of a small 'immersion heater tank in each bathroom that you have to heat up individually. Mala and Arjun like to conserve energy and will switch them off, meaning that when we want a shower there is a small amount of heated water or none at all and you have to wait for it to heat up.
Even when we have remembered to switch it on there is still not a great deal of hot water. Having a shower means being very quick before it runs out. Washing my hair is a trial and I can't usually finish without the water being really cold.  We do have a bath but this takes three rounds of heating up the water to get a decent depth of water.
I have now developed shower and bath envy as Andrew has started to take photos of the bathrooms in the hotels that he is staying in to gloat that he can have a decent shower without the water running out.

I am sure it will back fire on him soon!

The Science museum

We actually went to a museum where we ran out of time as it was so good! It was four floors and packed full of hands on activities, especially ones related to physics. We will be going back for another session when we can face the hour and a half journey each way and the dodgy toilets!
It cost 50 rupees each (about 60p) so it was rather good value.

   Wright brothers' flight simulator 

Reverse vacuum thingy

Optical illusions

India has a big space programme and has sent astronauts to the space station. Max was trying the suit out for size.


Max tried his hardest to stay up and watch the England match that started at 11:30pm but didn't quite make it, bless him. This meant that he was awfully grumpy the next morning. Mala had to go in the food cupboard to stifle her giggles as he stomped around the house, yelling. I struggled to keep a straight face but managed it-just. Mala would emerge with a sullen look only to dissolve when he started shouting again over some trivial matter, like the electricity has gone off. Fortunately, he had recovered his lovely sunny self by lunch time. I was pleased the quarter finals and the finals were earlier and that we didn't have to repeat this again!
Max fell asleep about 12:30 am

Andrew and the boys went to the club house to watch the final and it was packed with the locals. There was a big screen next to the swimming pool and lots of seating in the open air . Luckily it didn't rain. The French expats were extremely excited at the final whistle and jumped fully clothed into the pool.

Milo's Birthday

On the cup final day it was Milo's 'real' birthday and he had a such a happy day. We went out to the Marriott hotel as he wanted a burger and chips which features as part of their A la Carte menu. Whilst he was waiting for his lunch, one of the chefs gave him some candy floss from their machine! Talk about being in heaven and spoiling your appetite! 
The hotel also laid on a birthday ice-cream cake and everyone sang to Milo. The balloon maker was there for the Sunday Brunch in the hotel (which is very good ) and so both boys had twisted balloon shapes too.

Milo with the candy floss chef and his machine 

Eating the candy floss before his meal!

Max concentrating on important things!

The band behind Milo are singing to him as well as the waiters.

Arjun and his wife very kindly bought Milo an Indian outfit for his birthday. Milo was over the moon with it.


The monsoon rains are not as bad as I thought here in Bangalore but they are bad elsewhere. In fact, the reservoirs are now full in the State where we live, Karnataka. The local dam had to have water released and some people had to move out of their homes as water was fed into the rivers to supply other neighbouring States. Because Bangalore is quite high up (about 3000ft above sea level) then the monsoon is not as prevalent and thats why the climate is pleasant all year round. 
It did rain heavily for a short while the other day but Arjun refused to come inside to eat his lunch and sat underneath a big brolly. We were at the swimming pool and also did not give in and sat underneath the sun lounger brollies whilst it rained. It is still about 28/29 degrees when it is raining /cloudy so it feels warm still.
Arjun sitting on a chair eating his lunch under the umbrella. His plate is on another chair.

At the pool. The boys were actually swimming in one of the top pools and out of view.

Monday 2 July 2018

Elephants, Air museum, Planetarium, Goa.


A while back we went to the local safari park and it stated that the animals were free to come and go in the forest as they pleased. There were also caged areas for injured animals, cubs and endangered animals. The wild animals were near the caged ones so we doubted that the claims were true. But then this week a funny story emerged. The elephants are left in the forest overnight by the mahoots to graze. On Tuesdays the safari/zoo is closed so the elephants have been coming out of the forest early in the morning and harassing the local shopkeepers. They surround the local shops and steal coconuts, bananas and any fruit or food they can get their trunks on. They then run away as fast as they can. They also look like they are laughing at their heinous act by raising their trunks. It was all captured on camera and it was on the local news. So it seems they are truly wild and know when they are on to good thing.

The elephants laughing as they run away.

Air Museum

We went to the air museum last week and it was an oasis of calm and tranquility. The gardens were well kept and it was dust free. No rubbish too. There were some old planes on display, a simulator of a plane and lots of information. It kept the boys entertained for a few hours. It is opposite the military airport ( a bit like Conningsby) and we saw some helicopters land and take off.


We also went to the planetarium with our friends. That turned out to be a rather a trek with a stop/start journey of 2 hours for a short distance into the city. Once there our 5 ran like wild animals that had been released!
 There was a wonderful film show about the sky and planets with reclining seats so that you looked up to watch the film. Outside there was a park with physics activities for the children to do and discover. One was a satellite dish that you spoke into and if someone went to the other satellite dish on the opposite side of the park you could hold a very clear conversation. There were several Indian school parties there who were delighted to talk to us. The youngest group of children were 7/8 years old and when it was lunch time they sat down for nearly and hour without moving. They were so well behaved.
Unfortunately, there was not a cafe. Luckily I had taken a few snacks, carrots, fruit etc and we had to contend with this until we got back at 3. They managed to survive the journey without dying of hunger!

A cow relaxing by the roadside - we needed entertainment on the journey.


Meanwhile, Andrew went on his own to Goa for a conference of sorts for two days. We decided not to go with him because Goa in the monsoon can be really wet and it was. There was heavy rain and the sea was rough. We had lovely weather in Bangalore so we were pleased we stayed here as we would have been marooned in a hotel instead of doing all of our activities .

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