Wednesday 31 January 2018

Deliveries , medical check ups

We have now worked out the best way of shopping for food. We have online deliveries from the supermarket, the organic farm next door and the French bakery down the road. For meat, we order it from a hotel ( it has a shop inside) and Andrew can pick it up as it is close to the office . This saves a lot of bother of weaving through the traffic etc. All of it is very efficient. We could ,if we were really lazy, not get off our chairs on the patio and even have meals delivered but we won't go that far.

Medical checkups

On Monday , we had to go to a local hospital to be checked over for the health insurance application. It was interesting. Wonder bladder -aka Andrew Cole- managed his scan without any problems whereas I was begging the doctor to hurry up and let me off the bed before anything unexpected happened! Everything was ok in the end - good.
We then had to have our hearts scanned and that was very detailed too . Everything was ok - good.
Andrew passed the final assessment with flying colours. It was a treadmill walk that increased in speed (for 20 minutes) whilst being attached with about 10 wires to a heart monitor machine. I have never been able to walk slowly yet alone quickly on a treadmill. My weak attempts to stay on the treadmill left the young doctor and her assistant in hysterics as I shot backwards each time off the machine . It meant they had to move quickly to stop the wires pulling against the machine . I pointed out that I can manage a cycling, step or rowing machine without any problems and I can swim forever but I can't stay and coordinate  on a treadmill, even the airport moving pathway thing causes problems ! The doctor decided to abandon the test as I think she feared for the safety of the expensive machine that I was attached to. Wise girl !
The evening activity though proved that I have great stamina. We ended up with about 14 children at the house. There was a lot of imaginary wars and shoot outs with all the nerf guns, a lot of noise and excited boys running everywhere. Mala had gone home so I had to cook , (pasta) and wash up ! I have demanded (sweetly) that we need a dishwasher!

Update ! April 2024

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