Thursday 25 January 2018

The boys are traumatised!

Wednesday was half day at school because of the festival at Varthur. The bus set off at 1:30 pm and all was going well . Then they hit the traffic for the village . Max started sending desperate messages that they were stuck . After an hour and a half he texted that they still hadn't moved. I was sat on the bench with the other Mum's watching their progress- or lack of it - on the tracker. Max was our information feed so that we knew what was going on. . But it was awful when he rang crying and gave the phone to Milo,who was sobbing "get me off the bus mummy , I need a wee!"
 In desperation I told him to wee in his water bottle if he needed to and to get Max to tell the bus parent. 5 minutes later, Max  sent a message that they had  all been let off the bus to go by the side of the road. The bus appeared ,in total, two and a half hours after setting off . All the mums got ready for tears as the children got off,  but,as the doors opened ,and a relieved looking bus parent stepped off , the children were all cheering and jumping for joy . It was quite funny.
Needless to say , they have recovered and are no longer "traumatised " and have put their experience down to a team building exercise. Milo said that they had banged on the windows and even put a written sign at the bus window begging for help. It didn't work so I wonder if it was spelled correctly! I am just so pleased that I was not one of the teachers supervising the bus . I think they deserve a medal for keeping so cheerful and supporting those frantic children!

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