Friday 23 February 2018

Max, temperature rise , Milo’s sports day

Max has got his full final uniform . It is very smart and he even has a blazer for posh occasions . The only problem for him are the shoes and socks. The shoes are quite heavy and the socks thick . The temperature is gradually creeping up so I think we will have more moaning to come ! That or we buy thinner green socks to wear with the chinos.

The temperature has gone from 27 degrees to 31/ 32 recently on the weather chart and there is a definite warmer feel, especially in the afternoon. I put the thermometer out the other day ( in the sun) and it had gone over 50 degrees . It has not recovered from that blast of heat and the mercury is stuck so I now gave no idea what the temperature is, although  Arjun says it is about 35.

Milo had sports day . There were displays from all the age groups and Milo’s was a rhythmic hoop dance . He stuck out a mile as he is so pale and white . Milo was in the sack race and he thoroughly enjoyed himself, as did we. We watched from the sidelines under a jazzy cover. It was quite an edgy event as we jumped several times as the starting pistol went off as we couldn't see when they were to begin. Unfortunately, the sports had to be cut short because they had to close the school due to another march on the water dispute with the neighbouring state. Apparently, last year there were a few burnt out cars and violence so the school was taking no chances .
We decided to take Milo with us and we had to have a signed slip of paper from his teacher to get him out and the guard checked thoroughly.

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