Monday 12 February 2018

Milo's parent /teacher meeting, food, rain and pizza.

Milo took us to school on Saturday to meet his two class teachers and his Spanish teachers.  All of them were happy with Milo and how he has settled in at school. They smiled at him and he smiled back. They understand exactly what he needs in the classroom and their observations were spot on. We have no complaints . He did though because he had to go to school on a Saturday in his uniform!

Sunday morning was spent by the pool . The water seems warmer now but it is still refreshing .
We then went home for lunch.
Eating lunch has become an exciting activity. Mala has cooked us a few Indian dishes , now that she has the correct equipment ( see below). She cooked a sweet dish similar to rice pudding but with a longer rice  raisins and cashew nuts. Andrew is already addicted to this.
 The bottom photo shows chicken masala, aubergine sambor ( I think) ,coconut chutney and parota (the flat bread)  It is very moorish . The boys still are not keen on Indian cuisine but at least they are looking in the direction of the food and not totally blanking it or running away.

Talking of running away, Milo had a bit of a wobble when we told him off for not doing his homework . He packed his bag ready to escape , apparently he was intending on going to Mat's house round the corner. In his bag he had his picture of his grandad and his spy glasses ( probably to spot us coming down the road) But luckily his big brother realised what he was doing and blabbed. He still had to do his homework!  Th picture below shows him in a happier mood afterwards.

Last week also saw the first rain since we arrived since the beginning of December. It was quite heavy , it thundered and the power kept going on and off like a flashing disco light. Andrew was trying to have an important meeting in the back room on the internet . The boys were trying to keep quiet and I was trying to heat up Mala's food. I ended up doing it by torchlight and I think Simon and Greg got quite a shock too ,as the light from the screen  and the dark background made Andrew look quite scary.

Power was restored after a while but we kept our emergency torches close by. I am now trying to locate a small generator machine that a lot of people have here.


I was lucky enough to get a new style of pizza oven for my birthday which works either by wood firing or by gas. We decided to give it another try so that we can entertain our kind friends and neighbours one night. It works really quickly and the pizzas are good. At least I can impress Mala with something that I can cook!
I made a cake  this morning, she tasted it then said "when does Sir's mum come ?"
I've never been good at cakes and Andrew had told me I was being too ambitious when I bought the ingredients the other day. Shame we haven't got any custard to soften it with !

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