Friday 29 December 2017

Christmas Day with a difference

Well I'm glad to say that the Christmas Day delivery was satisfactory. The boys seemed to be happy with Santa's selection this year.

Once we had managed to get the pressies unwrapped and play it was almost time to prepare for our first Indian Christmas dinner. Not a korma in sight as we headed to the Italian restaurant below the apartment complex.. In fairness the place was pretty full of customers tucking into the special menu. As you might guess Mrs C had to have pizza at some point with a portion of lasagne for good measure!

The buffet was accompanied by a little glass of 'vino collapso' and a couple of beers for Mr C too. The pastry chef was very proud of his collection and stood proudly at his creations helping to dish up. It would rude not to try one of each we thought as teh plate was filled.

With a short walk 'home' to the apartment we were able to then start the catch up of Face-timing back to the UK now that they had caught up with Christmas Day waking up (5.5 hours behind us)
It was a slightly cloudy day so this kept tech temperature down to about 27 degrees - and yes we know what sort of weather the UK was experiencing so didn't try to rub it in too much 😎

Evening was spent in the apartment watching a film and catching up with the world over facebook.

Boxing day was a little different as we were on a mission to get to the Phoenix shopping mall before the crowds. We certainly managed this and we were some of the first to enter. Nothing like the boxing day sales in the UK and we were in found what we needed and out within a couple of hours.
Afternoon was spent relaxing by the hotel pool and enjoying the afternoon sunshine.  


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