Friday 13 April 2018

Grandma and Grandad , the boys are converted , heat and mosquito bats

We have had a wonderful time with Grandma and Grandad but they have returned to England now. However, before they went, Mala , to our surprise, turned up on the Sunday to cook a special going away meal. It was her day off so we were very grateful because the meal was lovely and it was such a thoughtful thing to do.

Mala had also chosen her favourite photo and had it put on a mug for Derek and Christine. Derek and Christine had bought Mala a bag so there were smiles all around.

The next day, we got up early (and let the boys have a day off) to go to the airport to say good bye but it is not like Britain where you can go in the departure lounge. Only people actually flying are allowed in the airport so we waved from afar.

They had a good journey home and have reported to us the rainy conditions.

The boys are converted 

We have to be ready and at the bus stop by 7:15 and it was difficult making the boys pack up so we "forgot" to do it one day. Both came home and said nothing. When questioned in the evening they had both eaten in the canteen and had Indian food. Milo's teacher even sent me a photo. Max has even started to ask for some Indian type rice and chicken at home too. This is good news as I was running out of things to give them.
So, another proud moment for the Coles.

Heat and mosquito bats

 It has got hotter, especially at night, and we are now putting on the air conditioning to help us sleep. The only problem is that you then have to contend with the noise of the unit and the fan, if that is on. I was eyeing up the pop up mosquito nets to sleep outside in, when the ladies at the coffee morning pointed out the amount of squirrels, ants, mosquitoes, scorpions and the fact that someone was greeted by a cobra on their balcony and that it really wasn't a good idea.

With the heat comes more mosquitoes, so we have invested in some mosquito bats that electrify the mosquitoes. It is a very satisfying piece of equipment-it even has a light on it. We need more, one in each room and the car, so we don't have to keep running and looking for them.

Ever since we came back from the elephant camp, there has been an increase in the amount of mosquitoes. It is difficult to get through the front door. If someone comes round, you immediately yell, as politely as you can, for them to get inside.
If the door is open, even for the briefest moment, the mosquitoes think it's party time and flood in.
 So you arm yourself with a bat, or the chemical spray (but the bat is more satisfying). You then spend the next five minutes swirling the bat in all directions as it crackles and snaps with demise of the mosquitoes. Sweeping up the dead mosquitoes is not as satisfying.

Sitting outside now in the evening is difficult unless you are smothered in cream or are just brave and good at swatting. As we go to the bus in the morning, we can hear manic swiping and crackling going on as people open their front doors. Mosquitoes like early mornings too!
The gardener has sprayed the garden and it is a bit better but even so, it is a constant battle and one that will continue, apparently, until the monsoon starts in June.

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