Tuesday 3 April 2018



We went on a rather long four hour journey in the car to Mysore. Milo did not feel too good and looked dreadfully pale all the way so it was quite a traumatic time for him. Bless him, he tried to be cheerful and was so brave.  Arjun was driving us so we were not concerned with the Wacky Races attempts at driving going on around us as Arjun is as cool as a cucumber .
We arrived and checked into Sandesh, The Prince Hotel which was nice and airy. The boys were chuffed as they had an adjoining room to ours and Milo was pleased that he had his own "office".

After a quick home-made sandwich, we set off for the magnificent Mysore Palace. Arjun has been many times and so knew what we needed to see. He duly dropped us off and found a guide for us.
All footwear had to be removed and placed in bags at a shoe deposit. It was strange walking around a historic building without any socks or shoes on but everyone was the same. Cobbles feel funny in bare feet!

The Palace is very ornate and painted in beautiful blues and gold. The guide explained the history and it was very interesting.

After about half an hour, Milo began to go pale again and so we decided that I would take him back to the hotel. It was very hot and there was no breeze at the Palace and he was struggling but still he did not complain. Although, he was relieved when we got back to the air conditioned room and his office.
The others carried on to look at the temple and decided to go and greet the resident elephants that help in the special parade in October.

The elephants were happily munching on their grass or whatever they eat ,when our party decided that they would like to have a sit on an elephant, let the elephant stand up and then sit down with them on it. I think by the look on their faces it was not such a smooth ascent and descent as expected.

Later, they went to the local market that is very colourful and full of every kind of fruit, vegetable and spice. Apparently, it was difficult to drag Christine away from the fruit stalls as she tried to buy as many different varieties as she could.

Next they all trooped up to a temple on a hill that had lots of monkeys and the usual wandering cows. One monkey had a rather round tummy and they kindly named him Buddha. He was obviously too well fed . Unfortunately, it was bit too misty for them to appreciate the view from that position.

The evening meal was spent in a quirky pub under the hotel that had huge barrel that you walked into for the entrance. Then inside the pub , there were real cars that had been adapted so you could eat at a table inside of them. There was a big dance floor in the middle of the room and up to date music so the boys were entertained ( Milo had recovered ) and kept amused for quite some time. The food was good too.

After a good night's sleep, we had our photo taken with doorman in all his red and gold finery and we set off on the second part of our road trip.

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