Tuesday 15 May 2018

Worming the boys, sausages, unusual weather

We decided to get Max checked over at the local hospital. He was feeling under the weather and we needed to get his leg medicine checked. Here you don't see a GP but book an appointment at the hospital to see a consultant paediatrician or the consultant of your choice.
 We booked online and turned up 15 minutes early. The process was very smooth and organised (we had to pay about 6 POUNDS for the consultation ).  We had our appointment on time and saw a lady doctor who was from a Birmingham hospital in Britain. She was very good. She checked Max's medicine levels and then recommended as a general guideline that we deworm the children every 6 months. The boys were not impressed.

We left the hospital with our worming medicine (about 2 pounds in English money ) joking about pets and children being so alike!
Deworming medicine.


A new butcher was advertising deliveries and it caused much enthusiasm in Palm Meadows as the butcher is German and was offering sausages. You cannot get sausages here like at home and it is one of the foods that the boys miss. 
The sausages arrived, brought by a flustered delivery boy who was hopelessly lost as it was the first time that the business had delivered. 
The sausages looked normal so we were excited. Mala watched a video on how to make mashed potatoes (no spice needed!) and a tin of beans was opened. 
(I was forced to go shopping for a posh outfit and shoes for the Royal Wedding on Saturday- it says wedding attire on the invitation. We have been invited to high tea and supper with the Deputy High Commissioner and so an appropriate outfit was needed, I don't think my flip flops and swimming pool/beach dress will do for this event. So Mala was on her own to prepare).
So mashed potatoes, beans and sausages were served in the evening ( I heated it all up!)
The sausages were very good and I have 3 very happy boys (Andrew included). Milo even had a second plateful.
 The only down side is that we have run out of HP  brown sauce and none can be located in the local area. I am under instruction from Andrew that if the local supermarket gets any that I have to bulk buy. Until then I have to research where we can buy a bottle from. Andrew had managed to find some products from Waitrose and now he wishes he had bought in bulk. ( I hope he checked the sell by dates)
Meanwhile I have ordered more sausages to keep them happy and I need to buy more tins of beans!

Unusual weather 

Just lately, in the afternoons it has clouded over and thundered and rained. Usually the mango showers happen in this month but not as frequently. It means that it is a bit cooler in the evenings and easier to sit out.  The rain has killed a lot of the mosquitoes but a bat is still needed. We also still need the air conditioning on and it does not drop below 24 at night.
One morning after it had rained , Mala noticed some mangoes on the car port  roof. She climbed over Max's balcony, over the garage and onto the car port. She picked two huge bag full of mangoes. I maintained a safety announcement as she did this and shut my eyes when she slipped on a wobbly tile. She laughed the whole time she was doing it and kept shouting "don't worry , don't worry "

I'm pleased to say that she is still alive and the mangoes are ripening in a box ready to share with the neighbours. ( we ate the ones that Arjun and Mala collected after the other rains, they were lovely )

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