Thursday 21 December 2017

Food shopping

Oh my goodness me! We went food shopping again yesterday and I feel ( Carla here) that I am now shopping in a more reasoned way and not frantically buying anything. Fruit and vegetables are so cheap , 20 p for about 6 lemons, 40 p for bag of potatoes so it can easily be done.There are lots of foods that you can get in Britain but you have to read the labels so carefully and this is difficult with two boys constantly asking for things as you go round - and Max keeps wandering off with the trolley. It was only when I got back to the room and although quite pleased with my lower shopping bill,  I realised that I have paid the equivalent of £8 for two packs of butter ! ( Lurpack) I did confess to the main wage earner when he returned from work that night but we obviously need to try the Indian butter and I need to get better at dividing by 100 to get the money converted from rupees to pounds!

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