Saturday 9 December 2017

Monday 4th December 2017 - The Journey Starts

After a final flurry of manic packing, Carl turned up with the Micronclean Fun Bus (so called because you have fun and games when it breaks down!) 

We managed to squeeze all eight cases in and off we went to Manchester to meet Julie, Mal, Abbie and Joe, Grandma and Grandad for pizza.

Grandma had a surprise up her sleeve as she had baked a wonderful cake decorated with Indian animals.


After another tearful farewell we went back to the hotel ready for an early start.

Air Emirates is wonderful. We went on a new double decker A380 to Dubai and it was extremely quiet and smooth with lots of entertainment. The boys were really impressed with their food which was very well thought through for children.
Dubai was warm when we landed, about 25 degrees, and we had another large vehicle to cater for all our cases. We had to keep telling people that we were not on holiday when their eyes widened at how much luggage we had.

Our arrival at the JA Palm Court was second to none. After throwing caution to the wind and upgrading our room to a sea view (we still don't really know how much we spent -We like to be spontaneous at times!), we were whisked to our room on a nippy little golf buggy that was like being on a mini race track. Our arrival at  the room was filled with laughter and shrieks from the boys who were riding facing backwards.

The next morning we woke to the sound of the birds and the sea,  it was very calming. 
As our room upgrade included all water sports and a posh pool area we decided to stay at the hotel rather than rush around all day.

After a quick breakfast sitting outside we sat by the pool and enjoyed the sunshine.

All the 3 boys went swimming, sailing and whizzed around the bay in a speed boat whilst Carla examined the design of the sun lounger for 2 more hours!

The day was rounded off eating pizza in a beautiful Italian restaurant. All was going well until Milo yawned a couple of times, asked if he could sit on Carla's knee and then promptly fell asleep. He usually is running around refusing to show any signs of tiredness very late into the evening and when we need to go out he falls asleep (predictably unpredictable!)

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