Friday 15 December 2017

The first week (sorry more photos to follow!)

We love India! The first week has been hectic but fun.

The Apartment 

Our  two bedroomed apartment is overlooking the swimming pool on one side and the buildings and road on the other so there is plenty to see when we are sat on the balcony.  The hotel/apartments are above a shopping centre that has a supermarket . It has everything we need to keep the boys fed and watered. They even let us bring the shopping trolley up to the room in the lift so we don't have to carry it !

Milo in Bangalore Airport Arrivals 

House Hunting

We have looked at about 25 houses on two different housing complexes. It does all become very confusing and we think that our driver is well and truly fed up of us making him drive around in circles. We had two different agents to show us round and their helpers so we looked a bit like a presidential visit each time we showed up at a house. Sometimes an agent had the same house on his list and the driver would point out that we had already been but we were so disoriented that we hadn't noticed! Luckily we managed to narrow down the choice to two or three and are currently in negotiations . Which ever one is the one , we will have lots of room ,sunny places to sit ,shady places to sit and   not enough furniture to fill it.

Play Dates

We have been here a week and already had three play dates with other children and their families. Everyone is friendly, kind and full of good tips. the children are confident and happy here and our boys disappeared to play as soon as we met them so that is really encouraging. We have eaten very nice pizzas with them in restaurants or as take aways so both boys are very happy.


Three schools were on our main list. The first one was very nice but a bit too narrow in their focus on academic achievement. The second one was friendly ,even having beautiful retriever dogs to help the children if they were upset. The third one was the winner ,with Milo sitting down with a class and asking if he could stay ! It is a very happy school with a mix of Indian and European children and teachers who were very approachable and kind . They let us in all the classrooms ( the first one didn't so we couldn't feel the atmosphere) and we even had lunch there ,which was the first taste of Indian food for the boys. They weren't too keen but were willing to try. They can take a pack lunch if they don't get on with the food but the school does provide a range of meals each day. We think with encouragement of the other children that they will have a go. If they accept our application then they will start in January . The bus will take them to school although it will take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to get there due to the city traffic but we will be able to track the bus there and back so we know when to pick them up. .they have a bus driver and two supervisors on the bus

The Weather


It is perfect ! The current temperature is 29 degrees and it is very comfortable. The middle of the day feels hot but if you move into the shade it is cooler . It is t shirt and shorts weather although when she goes out , Carla can't wear shorts or have legs on show but it is not a problem as cotton trousers are fine . On the housing complexes it is different and acceptable to wear shorts but not in the city .

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