Tuesday 16 January 2018

Too many things to do

We have so many things to do and don't know where to start so we are sitting on the balcony for f the apartment thinking about it with a cup of tea. The furniture is coming tomorrow ! Hooray!

So it is all stations go packing the apartment while trying to help Max with his very tricky maths homework ( algebra) . Carla is so pleased that she is not home schooling any more because the maths is way too hard.
 Max is very excited about sports day on Friday as they do a regimental parade around the field with the horses from the stables following them all. Not sure what race he is in but he practised all morning and again one of our children has come home sunburnt. New all day sun cream supplies arriving at the end of the week ! Both boys need to be watched closely when they put the cream on as they are only doing a quick sweep .

Yesterday the maid started at the house. Her name is Mala ,she arrived on time and couldn't wait to get through the door to meet her new family. She was so excited and never stopped smiling all day. She will be working five days a week to do the cleaning , ironing (😀) and some cooking - she's going to teach us how to cook Indian food !She will start at 8 in the morning to avoid the traffic  otherwise she will have to spend 2 hours on the bus to get to us !  Mala worked really hard and when Carla attempted to clean ,she tutted and sent her off to make cups of coffee and write long lists of all the cleaning things she needs, including a new dishwasher ( don't know what Sir - Andrew- will say to that one !)
The boys were also at home yesterday as it was the festival of Pongal and their school had a day off as it has mainly Indian children and staff who go there . Needles to say , Max and Milo were very happy. We went to the swimming pool and played with the other children who were off too. In the evening we saw a drumming procession and a fancy bright float going down the street outside the shopping centre but we didn't have enough time to get down there before it passed by. Next time we will know better !
We had our first medical encounter . Andrew lost part of his tooth on Sunday evening eating pasta .Infact we had two things go wrong on Sunday. We had booked to go to lunch at a Beer garden ( Bangalore has lots of micro-breweries) and it was around the corner. When we got there Andreew realised that it was the wrong one ! But it was really lovely food and the beer was good ( we had to cancel the other place quickly !)
So , on Monday Andrew had an appointment at the dentist nearby. The dentist had sent a very sympathetic message to check on him which we were impressed with. Andrew came back quite pleased with a built up tooth and only £23 pounds worse off. Dentists are good here too!

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