Friday 19 January 2018

We've moved at last!

I don't actually know what day it is anymore! Moving into a new house is exhausting. Max was a trooper and went to school. Milo had been a bit off colour the night before and went to bed at 7 ( so we knew he wasn't well!) and he stayed with us for the move.
We waited at the house with Arjun and  Mala and a truck turned up with the back doors slightly ajar. Milo was amazed as 13 men jumped out of the back . They then proceeded to very quickly bring our longed for boxes. We had to make rapid decisions as to where which room the boxes needed to go. Easy if you know what is in the boxes but after 4 and a half months we had forgotten what was in them. There were brief lists on the boxes but not enough for us to know precisely . We kept directing the men into the spare room with the mystery boxes if we weren't sure.
They would then jump in the truck when it was empty and go and fetch another load. It seemed never ending ! I'm sure we don't need half of the things we have although I was so pleased to see the fridge freezer and my new pizza oven.
Mala was whizzing around unpacking the boxes and hidden amongst the paper wrappings while Arjun translated when we needed it.
 I went to fetch Max in the middle of all the chaos and he was really excited to see his lego again.
After several hours , the energy levels were sapped and we decided to call it a day and went back to the hotel.
Both boys went to school the next day so we had another session unpacking but every single item is wrapped ! It takes forever , every cup , every saucer, Mala was muttering like she was crackers by the end of the day ! She just repeated cups, cups , cups . I didn't realise we had so many!
But we were in ,the beds were made and we were exhausted. The boys were surrounded by their lego and toys and were happy.
It was boiling hot and we needed the fans on but that was fine.
In the middle of the night, our fan , by itself, started to go really quickly , like it was taking off! Apparently when the factories close for the night ,there can be a power surge .  We only have three adapter plugs at the moment so can't cope with power surges on our appliances . Andrew has gone to Mumbai for Friday and Saturday and so are limited with our electricals and Tv as he is the expert, although we do have iPlayer  and dvds so all is not lost!

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